Recommended Homeopaths by Moms Using Homeopathy Group Members

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Online Homeopathy Consultation Websites for Immediate Assistance:


Sue Meyer, ND, CCH – Homeopathy for Mommies

FREE Podcast: 

Online Trainings: 

Specialties:  Classical Homeopathy, CEASE Therapy Certified, Acute and Chronic Consultations


Lindsey Mitchell, CHom

Email:  or through Facebook messenger
Specialties:  Certified Classical Homeopath, and treats both acute & chronic cases. 

Notes from Lindsey:  I am not a homeopath that uses protocols or multiple remedies at once (usually).
I do email, skype and in-office appointments.  


Giovanna Franklin PDHom Adv, MCMA – Homeopathy Heals

Classical Homeopathy, Banerji Protocols and Sankaran’s Sensation Method 


Kathryn Z Berg, MA, CCH
Certified Classical Homeopath, Certified CEASE Practitioner
Specialties:  Autism, Women’s Health and Families in general.  Will do Skype/Facetime Appointments.  Located in Woodbury, MN


Rachael Riches – Website: 

Classically trained homeopath specializing in helping women feel well again physically AND emotionally; I see many families in my practice.   I live in London, UK and offer appointments via video call worldwide. I trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London and am fully insured. I have recently trained in Homeopathic Detox Therapy which offers a system of prescribing to detox specific toxins from the body safely and gently. Email:

Book a FREE 15 minute video call with me to find out more about how I work:


Tina Louise Buie, CH, IBCLC, RLC – Website:   

I specialize in mothers and children. I have been in private practice as a Classical hHomeopath for over 20 years and have a background in child development, as well as lactation.

I am a Telehealth provider.


Michele S. Morgan, C.H., M.H., Ph.D.  – Classical Homeopath


Vikki Mitchell, Clinical Homeopathy 


Sally Lloyd IACH DIP Hom –   

Specialties: Autism, autoimmunity & metal toxicity. Also homeoprophylaxis. 


Denise Timofai, D.Hom., C.Hom. – Certified Clinical Homeopath

Email: – Phone 610 982 5012

Website – 

FB Group-Homeopathy Made Simple

Specialties:  Homeopathic Health Consultations – Acute and Chronic,  Classes on many homeopathic topics -see website for list of classes offered.  (A big proponent of learning homeopathy so you can practice it on your own.)


Mary Greensmith, Classical Homeopath

Certified Classical Homeopath – Women’s Health,Fertility, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS

I studied Classical Homeopathy for 4 years at The South West School Of Homeopathic Medicine and I work to the strong Code of Ethics created by the Society of Homeopaths.


Lone Pedersen Homeopath, MNHL, DCH


Closed Facebook Group for Postpartum Depression: 

Specialties:  Classical Homeopathy, CEASE Therapy, Acute and Chronic Appointments 

Notes from Lone:  Most of my patients are International (90%), and I consult via VSee and Skype. These days I work quite a bit with women suffering with postpartum depression and anxiety, but also see patients (young and old) with a wide range of other health issues in my practice.


Geetanjali Goel, Homeopath based in Toronto, Canada

Specialites: Hormonal balance from puberty to menopause along with it’s associated conditions Irregular menstrual cycles, Heavy bleeding, Infertility, Miscarriage, Weight gain and Fatigue, Excessive hair growth or hair loss, Adult acne, Type 2 diabete, Cardiovascular disease, Obstructive sleep apnea

Depression, anxiety and eating disorders, Poor Digestion & Metabolism, Thyroid Concerns etc.


Danielle Strahl – Remedy Your Health

Specialties: Classical Homeopathy, Acute and Chronic Consultations


Lucia Klacko, SAKHom 

I am a professional Classical Homeopath. I mostly work online with the clients worldwide. I provide homeopathic treatment for the whole family, from children to seniors, I also specialize in homeopathy for animals too. I use several homeopathic methods & protocols depending on the client’s needs. In addition to my professional practice, I provide courses for homeopaths in training.


Deirdre McDermott B.Sc. Lic I.S.H. ISH Hom

A licenced Classical trained Homeopath specialising in female hormonal health, sleep issues and anxiety.  I support Women and also help them to support their families. 

I’m a Holistic Practitioner with a Science Degree, I enjoy researching so I use the knowledge from my research to help target my approach and my remedies. I truly believe if we understand our bodies better we will be more inclined to appreciate and nurture it.  I also operate a general practice and as I often end up working with other family members of my clients.

Book in for a free 15 minute chat  – Let’s see how we can start your journey to better health 


Beth Knudtsen-Spears


Elen Harthy, BA, DHMHS, HOM

Toronto, Online and Local

Classical Homeopath


Ingeflur Homeopathy

Specializes in Fertility


Mary Aspinwall

Facebook Group: 

Specialties: Classical Homeopathy


Victoria Snelling, DC 

Specialties:  Classical Homeopathy, CEASE certified
Louisville, KY and Memphis, TN


Dr. Kirsten Canoy, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, uses Homeopathy with other methods of healing
Natural Intuitive Wellness
Home visits and video/phone consults


Deborah Magnotta CNP 

Training: International Foundation of Homeopathy’s Professional Course in Edmonds, Washington

Phone: +1 937 435-6500


Joette Calabrese



Many Online Trainings: Click Here

Specialties: Banerji Protocols


Mary Jo Aloi
Phone: (408) 823-0560

Specialities: Classical Homeopathy, Acute and Chronic Appointments


Virangini Cindy Rounsaville, C.Hom.


Marnie Reasor 

Phone: 615-915-2344


Homeopathic Vet: Tom Farrington

Available for consultation by email: 


Homeopathic Vet:  Alberto G. Gil DVM
Guadalajara Jalisco, MEXICO
(516) 816-4074