“You have to give him a dose of Claritin every day.”  My jaw dropped when my doctor told me this at a well-child appointment about two years ago.  One of my sons struggled with allergies – sneezing and itchy eyes everyday it seemed, and I had been trying to cut back on the over the counter medicine that I was giving him all the time.

“For how long?  Can’t I just give it to him every now and then?” were my next questions.  The pediatrician said if I didn’t give him Loratadine (Claritin) every day he would continue to have allergies.  The thought of my child taking a medication every day for the rest of his life did not sit well with me.  In fact, it went against every instinct I had as a mother.  He was only 4 years old and already dependent on a drug?  Not to mention how the drugs made him act!  My kids were always hyped up after taking this particular medicine.  Heck, I was hyped up and jittery after taking it!  There had to be another way.

I tried essential oils (which I still use and love occasionally).  A blend of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint helped a little bit.  But the pesky sneezing and red eyes and itchy nose kept coming back.    I tried diet change (with the pickiest child in the world) and probiotics.  I tried herbs.  Nothing seemed to really help significantly and I always fell back to the OTC medications.

Then I discovered homeopathy.  I had just taken care of my other son’s ear infection with homeopathy, so I started researching remedies for allergies with a passion, determined to throw away the seasonal allergy medications and say goodbye to it forever.

Guess what?  We found a few remedies that worked!  The first success was Galphimia Glauca 30c*.  This remedy was mainly prescribed for Hay Fever and at that time that is what we were dealing with … in fact, many of the farmers around our home cut hay in the spring and summer and early fall.  We always seemed to suffer when they did it, and this remedy really helped us all!

When he was mainly sneezing repeatedly, I opted to give him Natrum Muriaticum 30c*.  Usually this stops the sneezing immediately if not in a few minutes.  This is a fantastic cell salt and had multiple uses.

Another option that I carry in my purse is Highlands Seasonal Allergy Relief*.  Because I never know what remedy me or my children might need specifically when out and about and this blend of remedies usually hits exactly what we need quickly when it comes to allergies.

The best thing about embracing homeopathy was throwing out my Benadryl.  That stuff knocked me out and left me feeling drugged for days.   Now I take homeopathy and I feel refreshed and can still function.

My son’s allergy attacks have not gone away completely but have slowed significantly.  I give him a remedy when he needs it and usually it only takes one dose.  But I’m not giving him that remedy every day like I used to with the allergy medications, maybe once every few days during hay fever season and then once every couple of weeks as necessary other times.   But the best thing is that I am giving him something that I know is not addictive, I don’t have to do it every day for it to work, and it does not have the hyperactive side effects that other medications had on him in the past.

And soon I am going to set up an appointment with our family homeopath to uproot these allergies for him once an for all.  Look for future posts on constitutional remedies that do this!

So replace your allergy medications with some homeopathic alternatives and find relief today!

Just a reminder – I’m not a homeopath.  I’m just a mom sharing what has worked for my family.  I’ve found homeopathy to be safe and effective for my whole family and am sharing because I get SO many questions about it from people who have never heard of it.  I was one of those people!  Homeopathy is not new – it’s been around for over 200 years!

What remedies have you used for seasonal allergies?  Let everyone know your experiences in the comments!

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