Sherri Maines from Turning Ranch Homeopathics (TRH) is with us this week talking about dental health.  Sherri has a an online class, Dental Homeopathy Class: How Diet and Homeopathy Keep You Smiling available on her website and has experience using homeopathy for dental problems.

In the podcast, Sherri also referenced The Dental Prescriber, a homeopathic booklet that contains guidance for the homeopathic treatment of acute conditions affecting the mouth, gums and teeth.



I ordered this book after the interview with Sherri and added a quick review of the book where I shared some of the remedies in it on this podcast as well, so be sure and listen to the end.  It’s a great book for every mom’s library!  You can click here to order this fantastic book!

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Homeopathy for Dental Health with Sherri Maines of Turning Ranch Homeopathics | And a Review of The Dental Prescriber Book | Click to Listen now! #Homeopathy #dentalhealth



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