Here’s Giveaway #4!  One Member will win Mint free homeopathy friendly cacao toothpaste!  Tasty and healthy brushing experience for strong teeth.

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Make brushing your teeth more like a treat than a chore!  Learn more about the benefits of Cacao Toothpaste and how it can improve your Brushing Routine!

Cacao Toothpaste

Cacao Toothpaste
Better Flavour

Toothpaste that actually tastes good! Or for those that need a mint-free paste and don’t like using charcoal or essential oils. Whole food based.

Better Ingredients

Cacao contains a compound that is strengthening for your enamel. It is also high in antioxidants and other minerals necessary for good oral health.

Better Packaging

Eco friendly packaging that wont add more plastic to the landfill. And it is easy for everyone to use.

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