This week I am happy to share the audio from a video I recorded with Sue Meyer back in July of 2016 (wow, almost two years ago!).  Before I met with Sue, I took homeopathy questions from the members of our group to ask Sue specifically.  Sue answers homeopathy questions about potency, dilution, her vaccine protocol, how to do a fourth dilution, how to take care of remedies, and more.

The course mentioned in this recording was the Crash Course in Homeopathy – which goes with her book, Homeopathy for Mommies.  You can find Sue’s amazing and very resourceful podcast by clicking here.

Play the recording here:

Watch the original video here:

Sue Meyer ND CCH is a wife and home school mother of eleven. She and her husband, Ron, currently have 33 grandchildren, whom they dearly enjoy spending time with on a regular basis. She spends most of her free time in the study of Natural Medicine with her main focus being on Proper Nutrition, Essential Oils and Classical Homeopathy. She has earned a Diploma in Naturopathy but focuses mainly on the curative powers of Homeopathy.  Sue is a Certified Classical Homeopath through the Council of Homeopathic Certification and is certified in CEASE Therapy.

Answer to Homeopathy Questions with Sue Meyer of Homeopathy for Mommies

The Book, “Homeopathy for Mommies” is written from a Mother’s standpoint. Sue hopes to teach and encourage your family how to use natural remedies, such as Homeopathy, for the treatment of acute illness and to gain confidence and courage toward the basic healthcare of your family. Whether your child just complained about a sore throat or the neighbor called to tell you that the flu is in town; this book will help direct you to the correct remedy to take for any circumstance. So with knowledge and prayerful intelligence, you can care for your family’s health.